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Why Participate?

Join others with Multiple Sclerosis in research to develop an at-home fingerstick blood test to help monitor Multiple Sclerosis disease activity and response to therapy at a biological level, potentially enabling more personalized and proactive care.

Moving from “Trial and Error” to Personalized Care

There are 400,000 Americans living with Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic condition that affects the central nervous system. However, MS onset, progression and response to treatment is very individualized and can range widely from person to person.

There are numerous MS drugs available, but their degree of benefit to each person may vary. The ability to predict how or if a particular person will respond to a given therapy could help doctors and individuals with MS better manage, and even get ahead of, their disease.

Around the country, people living with MS are joining the EMPOWER Study to help researchers develop an at-home fingerstick blood test that will help doctors monitor their patient’s MS disease activity, and make treatment choices based on that patient’s individual biology.

Participating is Easy

1. Sign Up

2. Complete a Fingerstick Kit

3. Answer Surveys

Do You Qualify

  • Have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis by a healthcare professional
  • Are able to use our Fingerstick Kit to send one (1) sample
  • Have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone to be able to take health surveys
  • Are 18 years or older
  • Have a permanent address in the United States for the duration of the study

Shape the future of MS from home